2 Full Days Study Skills Workshop for Elementary School Students: “Elementary Study Expedition: Embark on a 2 Full Days Journey for Building Essential Skills”


Embark on an extraordinary learning adventure with “Elementary Study Expedition: Embark on a 2 Full Days Journey for Building Essential Skills”! This immersive two-day workshop is tailor-made for elementary school students, offering a comprehensive exploration of essential study skills and strategies crucial for academic success. As we set sail on this educational journey, our dedicated team of educators is committed to guiding you through a dynamic experience designed to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in your academic endeavors.


Over the next two days, you’ll delve into a variety of engaging activities and collaborative exercises, each carefully crafted to enhance specific aspects of your learning toolkit. From time management mastery to advanced critical thinking skills, this workshop aims to empower you with a holistic set of skills that will not only elevate your academic performance but also instill a lifelong love for learning. Get ready to embark on a study expedition like no other, where curiosity is the compass, and excellence is the destination.


In the spirit of camaraderie and shared discovery, let us seize this opportunity to expand our horizons, challenge ourselves, and emerge as more confident and capable learners. The “Elementary Study Expedition” awaits, promising a transformative experience that will shape your academic journey and lay the foundation for a future filled with success and achievement.






  1. Introduction to Time Management: Introduce elementary students to basic time management principles, helping them understand the importance of managing their time effectively over the course of the two-day workshop.

  2. Establishing Study Routines: Assist students in establishing consistent study routines, emphasizing the importance of daily practice, organization, and creating a conducive learning environment.

  3. Active Learning Techniques: Engage students in hands-on activities and interactive exercises to promote active learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills throughout the two-day workshop.

  4. Improving Reading Fluency: Provide strategies and exercises to improve reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary skills, ensuring students can effectively engage with a variety of texts.

  5. Enhancing Note-taking Abilities: Teach students effective note-taking strategies, including summarizing key points, organizing information, and using visual aids to enhance understanding and retention.

  6. Encouraging Creative Expression: Foster creativity and self-expression through storytelling, art projects, and other creative activities designed to develop students’ communication skills and imagination.

  7. Setting Personal Learning Goals: Guide students in setting personalized learning goals, empowering them to take ownership of their academic progress and motivation throughout the two-day workshop.

  8. Collaborative Learning Opportunities: Provide opportunities for collaborative learning, group discussions, and teamwork activities to promote peer interaction, communication, and cooperative problem-solving.

  9. Introduction to Study Tools: Introduce students to age-appropriate study tools and resources, such as flashcards, educational games, and online learning platforms, to support their independent study and review.

  10. Building Resilience and Growth Mindset: Inspire resilience and a growth mindset by encouraging students to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, and persevere in their learning journey.

  11. Digital Literacy Skills Development: Teach elementary students basic digital literacy skills, including navigating educational websites, using educational apps, and practicing online safety, to support their learning in today’s digital age.

  12. Promoting Self-reflection and Evaluation: Encourage students to reflect on their learning experiences, assess their strengths and areas for improvement, and set actionable goals for continuous growth and development.

  13. Exploration of Multiple Learning Modalities: Cater to diverse learning preferences by incorporating a variety of learning modalities, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, to enhance engagement and understanding.

  14. Empowering Independent Learning: Equip students with the skills and confidence to engage in independent learning, self-directed research, and exploration of topics of interest beyond the classroom.

  15. Celebrating Achievements and Progress: Celebrate students’ achievements, milestones, and progress throughout the two-day workshop, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

  16. Encouraging Lifelong Learning Habits: Instill a love for learning and curiosity in students, motivating them to continue seeking knowledge and pursuing academic excellence beyond the workshop setting.


As we bid farewell to the “Elementary Study Expedition,” we reflect on the remarkable two-day journey we’ve undertaken together. Throughout this immersive workshop, you’ve not only delved into the intricacies of essential study skills but also forged connections, gained insights, and honed your abilities in a supportive and collaborative environment. The adventure may be concluding, but the impact of your dedication and enthusiasm for learning will resonate far beyond these two days.

Looking ahead, carry the treasure trove of skills and strategies acquired during this expedition with you on your academic voyage. Let the lessons learned become guiding stars, illuminating your path through the challenges and triumphs of your educational journey. Remember, the foundation laid during these two days is the beginning of a lifelong quest for knowledge and personal growth.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each participant, educator, and supporter who contributed to the success of this expedition. May the skills cultivated and friendships formed serve as enduring anchors, grounding you in a commitment to excellence and continuous learning. Farewell for now, young explorers, as you venture forth into the broader landscape of your educational odyssey. May your academic sails catch the winds of curiosity and determination, propelling you toward a future filled with endless possibilities.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$889.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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